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About our classes 


Lingo Flamingo exists to make language learning interactive and accessible. We do this because we want everyone to experience the joy of learning a second language and to gain from the health benefits of bilingualism. 

The central way we do this - and the reason we were founded -  is through offering a unique foreign language classes to older adults and to those living with dementia in care homes, day centres, and community locations across Scotland. 

By offering this fun, sensory linguistic experience, our classes have been shown to improve the well-being of participants, specifically through building confidence, creating connections between learners, stimulating the mind, and offering something new and exciting. Incredibly, in doing this participant’s decision making and multi-tasking skills are improved, and their ability to concentrate and communicate is heightened, meaning language learning is an activity unlike anything else on offer.  

Over the past three years we’ve worked with individuals at all stages of dementia diagnosis and the vast majority of our students expressed their love for the classes and say they felt an increased sense of confidence and self-worth. What’s more, as carers and family members are allowed to join in, they are also able to draw great benefit from the experience. 


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