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We are the world’s first not-for-profit organisation to provide bespoke language classes to older adults. Operating throughout Scotland, we work closely with local communities to provide highly-trained tutors who are able to create an accessible language learning experience that takes into account the physical, medical and mental health of learners. 

We believe passionately in life long learning and are driven to prove that no matter your age, it’s never too late to learn new, enriching skills. We believe that the benefits of language learning should be for everyone. 

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Our work is powered by recent research showing that learning a language can delay dementia by up to five years, as well as aiding stroke recovery. By offering a slow-paced, sensory experience, our classes stimulate the mind, build confidence, exercise the brain and create connections between leaners. Incredibly, in doing this we improve learner’s decision making and multi-tasking skills and heightened their ability to concentrate and communicate.

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We have crafted therapeutic language learning packages for those living with dementia. These leisurely classes take into account the medical, physical, and mental health of learners in order to employ the senses, keep the brain active, build confidence, and foster connections between participants. We've worked with individuals at all stages of dementia diagnosis, and 90% of our students say they loved the classes and felt an increased sense of confidence and self-worth. 

Further to this, we have developed a bespoke basket of classes for those over 65 who embrace life long learning and who are seeking new, enriching experiences in retirement. These research-powered classes offer a unique way for individuals to get back into learning, build confidence, exercise the mind and, most importantly, to have fun whilst doing it. As we say, our classes are good for the brain and good for the banter. 

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Alongside feedback and surveys from both our learners and our customers, we work in partnership with the University of Edinburgh to evaluate the cognitive impact our lessons have on older adults (both with and without dementia).

We are currently working on a groundbreaking research project with both Alzheimer Scotland and the University of Edinburgh to measure specific cognitive effects of language learning on older adults. This is a world first for research of this kind! The results from this study will be released in the near future, so keep an eye out!