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Why language learning?

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Take a look

How do your past experiences of language learning shape up? Mindless memorisation? Endless repetition? Boring grammar? Difficult vocabulary?… How ever you experienced learning a language in the past, fling your preconceptions out the door because Lingo Flamingo does language learning as you’ve never seen it before. 

Firstly, our experienced tutors know how to create the kind of relaxed, informal environment best suited to learning. We also want students to have fun, to connect with fellow classmates, and to enjoy the journey of linguistic and cultural discovery.  

What’s more our classes are able to account for the whole spectrum of abilities through our specially designed sensory teaching techniques. This simply means we teach by evoking different senses, so our classes include exercises that encompass sound, touch, scent, feel, and taste. So, one week students might be singing That’s Amore in Italian, sculpting the elegant landmarks of France, or sipping away at Spanish wine. The next week they are perhaps playing traditional German games, discovering the traditions of Spain through flamenco music, or reinforcing their Italian with a cooking session. 

No matter what the activity, our classes incorporate memory tips throughout to help our learners remember new vocabulary and ideas. By doing this we not only make language immersive, fun, and accessible for all, we also act as  a type of social cognitive therapy, or a “workout for the mind” as we like to call it.  

To get an idea of what our classes look like have a watch of the video below 


Our classes are arranged wholly with older adults in mind, and our materials have been expertly designed to be accessible and engaging. Scroll through the gallery below to get an idea of our colourful textbooks. 

Alongside these textbooks we also use a range of sensory props and exercises that encompass sound, touch, scent, feel, and taste. Such an approach allows us to work in a way that wholly accounts for the medical, physical, and mental health of learners.