German Chick

German Chick


If you think your German is the wurst, then these lessons will help make it better…

These are beginners German lessons for those looking to build upon the German they already know or improve what they have learnt in the past. Our fun and immersive classes, which take place over 10 weeks, will take your Deutsch to that next level in no time at all.

For those who are completely new to the German language, these classes are still made for you and our wonderful German tutor, Klaudia, will be available to teach you for half an hour before the official class time to help bring you up to speed with other students 🇩🇪

Level: Chick

Start Date: Monday 23rd September

Time: Mondays 6pm (Hatchling Precursor: 5:30pm)

Duration: 90mins

Course Length: 10 weeks

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