If there were a prize for 'the most eventful history', Poland might just clinch it. Yet, from this history an extraordinary, beautiful country has blossomed, one buzzing with a strong identity, bustling culture and sophisticated energy. Sitting alongside all of this is an incredible language waiting for you to immerse yourself in. What's more, Polish is now Britain's most widely spoken second language! That's why Lingo Flamingo has created an engaging, accessible course to impress your Polish friends, family members and co-workers. And no matter what you’ve heard, you’ll likely find Polish is no harder or easier than any other language, its difficulties just tend to be more loudly advertised (often by proud native speakers!). So what are you waiting for? 

We’re not currently running our Polish classes 🙁… Drop Lingo an email at info@lingoflamingo.co.uk to register your interest for the future.