The Big Reveal: Lingo Flamingo’s Language Nest


Here at Lingo Flamingo we are very excited to be able tell you that we are soon to be opening our own Language Nest in Shawlands. However, before we get to that, a little bit of explaining 😉



2015. Remember back then? Way back when Bowie and Cohen were still kicking about, Adele’s Hello rang forth from every radio, and that referendum had yet to happen? Well, it was also the year that Lingo Flamingo was founded.  

Ever since, we have been on something of a mission, using each day to do all we can to empower older adults and those living dementia through language learning. No matter which nook or cranny of Scotland we have visited - from Arran to Aberdeen, Livingston to Largs, Gretna to Glasgow - we have wanted to demonstrate the health benefits of bilingualism, show that languages are for everyone, and promote the idea that life long learning is truly that, learning for the whole of life. Running through all of this has been some core values and qualities: 


Now, in 2018, we are looking to take these values and qualities and weave them into our latest development: the creation of our very own language school.

Enter, The Nest

The Lingo Flamingo Language Nest will be located on Deanston Drive in Shawlands, Glasgow, an area known for its vibrancy, diversity and strong sense of community. Within its walls we will offer language classes to those of all ages - from toddlers and teenagers to grannies and granddads - all the while ensuring that each lesson is language learning with a twist.

We’ll still be using the same sensory, stimulating techniques to make classes fun and accessible. And we’ll also continue to emphasise the health benefits and show that language learning can be for everyone. What’s more, we’ll be offering a wider range of languages to choose from, with more likely to be added in the future. 

Most importantly, all the money that is raised through the Language Nest will be put towards care home classes. That’s to say, each and every penny of surplus revenue will be used to cross-subsidise classes for older adults and those living with dementia across Scotland. As such, we see the Nest not only as a way to change perceptions of language learning, but as means to expand our social impact and reach a greater number of people living with dementia. It also means that any student joining our flock will not only gain from the benefits of language learning, but can feel good about having created a positive effect on society. Everyone’s a winner.

So, give us a call, drop us a line, write us a letter, or pop in and see us at our new location to discover what’s awaiting you at the Language Nest.

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