Largs + Kilbirnie Calling: Tackling Dementia One Blue Token at a Time


Maybe you keep them under the sink? Or stocked away in a kitchen cupboard? Stashed down the side of the washing machine, perhaps? Wherever they are, we know that whether it’s bags for life, jute bags, canvas bags, net bags… we’re all prone to forget to bring them to the supermarket every now and again. The consequence, of course, is that tinge of guilt as we lift up yet another 5p bag.

But, environmental degradation aside, feel guilty no more! For those 5ps go somewhere. And very soon we’re hoping there going to be coming to Lingo Flamingo.

We can say this as we’re lucky enough to be bidding to bag a massive cash boost from the Tesco Bags of Help initiative. Tesco customers will be able to vote for Lingo Flamingo in their Largs and Kilbirnie Stores throughout November and December. In so doing they can help bring our brain-boosting language classes to older adults living with dementia in the surrounding area.

Yes please. Send them our way.

Yes please. Send them our way.

Every one of those wee blue plastic tokens count. So, every time you’re in Tesco pretend you’re playing the penny falls machines at the seaside amusements, because we want a mountain of them in the box for our project: Tackling Dementia Through Language. If we win we can provide up to ten language projects to the Largs and Kilbirnie area. That means more older adults and more individuals living with dementia experiencing the benefits of fun, immersive language lessons that are good for the brain and good for the banter.

This is a huge opportunity to not only help those living with dementia, but to support under-funded and underprivileged care homes across north Ayrshire. With the sums of money involved we can ensure more individuals with dementia experience the benefits of our language classes, which not only increase the well-being and quality of life, but bolster concentration, communication and multi-tasking ability. They also offer a unique opportunity to bring care home residents, carers and family members together to do something special together.

So, spread the word. Tell yer mammy, yer gran, yer auntie, uncle gerry, granpa thompson… tell the whole town. Largs and Kilbirnie we need your votes!


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