Blending ancient culture with ethereal landscapes and dizzying modernity, this archipelago of some 6800 volcanic islands holds a unique, romantic allure to those who have dipped their toes into the expanse of Japanese culture, cuisine and history. But what better way to immerse yourself more fully in the delightful depths of all-things Japan than by joining our Japanese lessons and learning the language. We promise it won’t be as difficult as you might think. Who knows, perhaps by the time you get around to visiting you’ll be able to recite a Haiku poem or order that sake with ease. 


Japanese Hatchling

If you were going to attempt a non-European language it would Japanese, wouldn’t it? We know you. That’s why we’ve created these accessible introductory Japanese lessons that will cover everything from numbers and introductions to pronunciation and character sets. Over the course of 10 weeks our experienced tutor will lead you on a laid-back journey of linguistic discovery, allowing you to not only survive but thrive should you ever visit the zen gardens, sushi bars or temples of Tokyo.

Japanese Chick

Japanese Chick are Japanese lessons which looks to build upon the basic Japanese you already know, and is suited to those with some prior experience of Japanese learning, either through our Hatchling classes or through your own learning. In our laid-back classes our wonderful tutor, Reiko, will take you an immersive learning journey whilst sharing a laugh around a cup of tea or coffee.

For more information on the Chick level, and whether it’s right for you, click here