Join the Lingo Flamingo Flock

We are currently looking for volunteer tutors across the central belt (particularly rural areas) who are compassionate individuals who would like to make a difference in society by empowering adults through the knowledge of language. You must have a passion for foreign languages, excellent interpersonal and organisation skills and want to improve the lives of older adults. We provide a positive volunteering environment, with continuous support, a peer network and excellent training. So, come on board and make a difference today!

Currently we are in need of Spanish and Italian tutors, but if you speak French or German you can still apply. 

Lingo Flamingo currently offers Tutoring and Befriending. Have a look below for more information!


Language Tutoring


  • You speak Italian, Spanish, French or German
  • You are free for 1 hour a week over 10 weeks
  • You are interested in becoming part of an innovative social enterprise

Lingo Flamingo offers language classes to older adults in care home to battle against dementia. Research has shown that knowing a second language can delay the onset of dementia by up to 5 years and that learning a second language has lasting cognitive effects. We need volunteers to help us increase our reach, so that we are able to deliver language classes even to more deprived areas. You will be offered a training in partnership with the Open University, making sure you have the skills required to teach older adults. 


Found in Translation - Befriending


  • You speak Punjabi, Hindi, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Turkish, Polish, Urdu or Russian.
  • You are free for 1 hour a week 10 weeks
  • You are interested in becoming part of an innovative social enterprise

Found in translation is a project that is aimed to befriend older people with dementia who have lost their ability to speak English. Dementia is associated with memory loss, and people that have learned English as a second language can forget it at an advances stage of the disease. That can leave these adults very isolated, as they become unable to communicate with family, friends and care staff. We are looking for fluent speakers of the above language to befriend these people, and helping them overcome isolation. 

We are currently developing a pilot trial of this service, therefore we are only looking for a limited amount of befrienders. 

If you have any questions please email Papoula on