Spain is known as Europe's most passionate country - where food and wine are obsessions and landscapes lift the spirit, where music courses through the nation's soul and the good life is lived in present.  It's for such reasons that we Scots swap the drizzle for the sizzle in Spain above anywhere else. Not only this, but Spanish is spoken by over 400 million people worldwide, opening up an abundance of opportunities and insights. How many more reasons could you need to dive right in and vives la vida española...  

Spanish Hatchling

Hatchling is the foundation upon which any future Spanish learning can be built and is a course ideal for those who are at the beginning of their Spanish learning journey. From numbers to introductions, this 10 week course is all about helping you not only survive but thrive on your next holiday in the sun. You’ll learn all about Europe’s most passionate people, and before you know it you’ll be pronouncing “Chorizo” like the locals.

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Spanish Chick

Spanish Chick looks to build upon the basic Spanish you already know, and is suited to those with some prior experience of Spanish learning, either through our Hatchling course or through your own learning. In our laid-back and immersive classes, you will get to speak as mucho as possible, whilst sharing a laugh around a cup of té or café. ¡Hasta luego amigo! 

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Spanish Post-Chick

Spanish Post-Chick is a post-beginners/intermediate class for those looking to build upon the Spanish they have learnt in the past. Our fun and immersive lessons will have you expressing your thoughts, sharing your past experiences or your planes para el futuro.  In this course you will develop new skills leading you to speak español casi perfectamente. ¡Hasta pronto amigos!

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Spanish Fledgling

Spanish Fledgling is an intermediate course for those looking to take their Spanish to the next level. Whilst keeping the laid-back, fun and immersive vibe going, our Fledgling class will have you speaking with more spontaneity and fluency and allow you to follow speech and writing with more complex topics and lines of argument. 

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Spanish Conversation Club

Spanish Conversation Club is a more informal way to improve and practice your Spanish with others from the Lingo Flamingo flock. These conversation classes suit those ranging from Post-Chick to Fledgling, the idea being you can learn from one another as well as being guided by one of our expert tutors. New topics will be covered each week and together with the lessons there will be a selection of treats, tea and coffee.

Social Spanish Coffee Club

This laid-back early-afternoon class is for speakers of varying levels to come together to practice Spanish with the guidance of an expert Lingo tutor. Spanish Coffee Club is a fun way to learn and improve your Spanish, no matter your level, and to meet some new friends along the way. Together with the lessons there will be a selection of treats, tea and coffee.

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