What our classes involve 

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We have crafted a therapeutic language learning package for those living with dementia. These leisurely classes take into account the medical, physical, and mental health of learners in order to employ the senses, keep the brain active, build confidence, and foster connections between participants. We've worked with individuals at all stages of dementia diagnosis, and 90% of our students say they loved the classes and felt an increased sense of confidence and self-worth. 

We teach by evoking different senses, so our classes include exercises that encompass sound, touch, scent, feel, and taste. So, one week students might be singing That’s Amore in Italian, sculpting the elegant landmarks of France, or sipping away at Spanish wine. The next week they are perhaps playing traditional German games, discovering the traditions Spain through flamenco music, or reinforcing their Italian with a cooking session. 

No matter what the activity, our classes incorporate memory tips throughout to help our learners remember new vocabulary and ideas. In so doing we not only make language immersive, fun, and accessible for all, we also act as act as a type of social cognitive therapy, or a “workout for the mind” as we like to call it. 

To get an idea of what our classes look like have a watch of our video here.

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Lingo Flamingo Language Workshop Pricing

The prices for our fun and brain boosting language workshops can start from as little as £4 per student per class. These prices are inclusive of travel expenses, tailored lesson plans,workbooks and teaching materials.

If you would like to try out a lesson then please get in touch and we can arrange for a free taster session.

An important part of what we do as a Social Enterprise is to make language learning as accessible as possible for everyone. If you therefore feel our classes are out with your budget then please get in touch with and we will look at part funding the classes or sourcing some grant funding to cover the costs. 

Our Materials

Our classes are arranged wholly with older adults in mind, and our materials have been expertly designed to be unique, fun, stimulating and engaging. Scroll through the gallery below to get an idea of our colourful textbooks.