With approximately 260 million speakers, Portuguese is one of the world’s major languages, and any steps towards learning its intricacies are bound to open up a new world of opportunities and perceptions. Not least amongst those is Portugal itself, where you can drink, dance and feast your way through captivating cobblestone cities, medieval castles and golden beaches.

Portuguese Chick

This beginners course is ideal for those who would like to get to grips with the Portuguese language. From greeting a person to answering questions, this 10-week course is all about helping you not only survive but thrive when next roaming the steep streets of Lisboa or partying the dynamic nightlife in São Paulo*. You’ll learn all (well, a little) about one of Europe’s ancient nations and one of America's exotic countries, and before you know it you’ll be pronouncing “pastel de nata” or "caipirinha" like the locals.

Portuguese Post-Chick

The further we go, the more we enjoy it. Don't we? So, if you are one of those looking to build upon the Portuguese you already know or improve what you have already learnt, join this post-beginners class. From exchanging information to giving directions, our fun and immersive classes, which take place over 10 weeks, will take your língua portuguesa to that next level in no time at all. You may even find yourself interested in Angola or Mozambique.

For more information on the language levels - Chick, Post-Chick, Fledgling and High-Flyer - click here.