The Wind Beneath Our Wings - 6 Dementia-Research Findings

At Lingo Flamingo we tackle dementia through language learningbut we didn't pull this idea from just anywhere. Rather, the wind in our wings is powered by some extraordinary research from the world's finest universities.  In the article below we've rounded up the key facts and findings that have led us to create our unique language classes for older adults. 

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A Slice of Paris in Ayrshire - 8 Family Lessons

We spoke with lovely Mari Dougan about her mum, Patricia, who takes part in our French classes in Dundonald House Nursing Home in Ayrshire. Mari told us of the benefits the classes have had on her Mum - who was diagnosed with dementia in her early seventies, and who is now 78  - and of the enjoyment her Dad, Eric, has gained from attending the classes alongside his wife. 

Here are eight of our favourite things we learnt from Mari about Patricia’s classes. 

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