France. Few countries elicit such passion. Many dream of its joie de vivre and its sexy, chic, inspiring allure. It is for such reasons that it’s the planet’s most visited country. So, why not learn the language it gifted to the world? In so doing you’ll not only understand what makes it an artistic pioneer and cultural icon, but enable yourself to order the plat du jour with ease on your next visit.

French Hatchling

Hatchling is the foundation upon which any future French learning can be built and is a course ideal for those who are at the beginning of their French learning journey. From numbers to introductions, this 10 week course is all about helping you not only survive but thrive when next roaming the streets of Paris.

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French Chick

Our French Chick course is ideal for beginners who would like to get to grips with the language of love. This course gets you stuck in to the French language, covering basic conversations, building up your reserve of key phrases and sentences, teaching how best to avoid any French Faux Pas, as well as maximising your chances of finding Mademoiselle/Monsieur Right*.

*True French love not guaranteed

French Post-Chick

Did you learn French at school or uni but feel it has since slipped your mind? Or perhaps you’ve taught yourself the basics? We’ll build on your dormant or recent knowledge and give you the confidence to hold short conversations, opening up a pathway for future learning! Our experienced tutors will have you  differentiating your Toi, Trois and Toit in no time at all! 

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French Fledgling

This is an intermediate class for those looking to improve their fluency and build upon the French they already know. Our fun and immersive classes, which take place over 10 weeks, will take your vocabulary and fluency to that next level and our fabulous native tutors will create activities and lessons that get your pronunciation on point!

French Conversation Club

This is a conversation class for people of different levels who have the ability to converse in French and would like to keep their French up. The classes are laid-back and our experienced tutor seeks to create connections between students so that you can learn from each other and develop your fluency with ease. 


French Coffee Club

This laid-back late-morning class is for speakers of varying levels to come together to practice French with the guidance of an expert Lingo Flamingo tutor. French Coffee Club is a fun way to learn and improve your French, no matter your level, and to meet some new friends along the way. Together with the lessons there will be a selection of  treats, tea and coffee. 

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